We Provide Pressure Vessel Steel Plate Rolling

Five Sets of Plate Rolls = Shells, Rolled Rings, Cones, Repads

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We Provide Steel Tubesheet Fabrication

CNC Tubesheet Drilling, Ring Grooving, Milling and Boring Services

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We Provide Dish Head Forming Fabrication

Elliptical head, Hemispherical head, Torispherical Dish head, Spherical head...

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China ESCAIO Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

20+ Years of working experience with large-scale pressure vessel components

We are the most extensive one-stop pressure vessel head forming and shell rolling capabilities in China, we can supply a wide range of machining services, and specialists in large-scale milling and tube sheet drilling for heat exchanger applications.

  • Founded in 2000 and over 180 employees

  • Specialists in large-scale pressure vessel components

  • Specialists in large-scale milling and tube sheet drilling for heat exchanger applications

  • Supply Machining services, Like Rolling, Cutting, Welding, Drilling, Bending, Heat treatment Service

  • Sufficient pressure vessel steel plates stock

  • Products: Head Forming, Pressure Vessel Plate Rolling, Pressure Vessel Plate, Tubesheet Fabrication

Our steel machining can customize all kinds of medium and large mechanical parts. We make process operation instructions and flow records for each process.
If you need steel processing, Contact us for more information and price!

China ESCAIO Iron & Steel Co., Ltd